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Tips For Your First Day!

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

We all get “first day jitters!” It's completely normal, so here are some tips to help your young dancer have a successful first day of dance at Prompt Dance Academy:

Pack in Dance Bag

It's time to pack your dance bag! Here are a list of essential things not to forget.

  • WATER BOTTLE (Make sure to label it incase it's left behind) We do not have any water fountains, but we do sell water at the front desk. However, it's always best to bring your own labelled bottle. All our classes are allowed to take in their water bottles into class (except our Little Star classes - If you are wondering why? CLICK HERE TO READ)

  • CLEAN IN-DOOR SHOES Rain or snow or shine.... dancers must remove their outdoor shoes & change into their dance shoes. For all our hip ho dancers - this means putting on clean in-door running shoes with WHITE soles.

  • APPROPRIATE DRESS CODE (Click Here to learn about our dress code)

Arrival Time & Check In

Dress Code

In Class Structure

MOST OF ALL... Just be relaxed & enjoy the process! Some kids may be fully ready to jump into class at full force; however some kids may need that extra time to feel comfortable. Our staff is well trained to handle the "first day jitters" - we will help the dancers slowly feel comfortable. Parents, be patient & trust the process. For our Little Stars (Age 2.5 to 4... sometime even 5-6) it may take a couple classes to fully build the courage to jump into class & participate fully! (Read our Little Stars Blog)

"Wishing you a fabulous first day of dance at PROMPT DANCE ACADEMY! We hope you are as excited as we are to have you a part of our dance family!" - Your Studio Director

See you guys on the dance floor soon!

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