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Welcoming New Little Stars

If your new little dancer is between the age 2.5 to 4.... sometimes even 5 or 6 then this read is for you! We know it's a big commitment to enrol your dancers in a new activity when you don't know for sure if they will enjoy the experience. Or maybe they love to dance but may have separation anxiety? Well.. all of this is completely normal!

"Most of our senior dancers & teachers all started their dance journey this exact way!"

Day 1 is a BIG DAY for your little one & for you too! Sometimes we have dancers who jump right into class but sometimes we have some littles ones that are not ready to join the first day, but THAT IS OKAY!

Our teachers are well-educated, experienced and equipped to help in these situations. We have strategies and tricks to get dancers to join into the class.

Parents, we know how upsetting it can be when your little one isn't cooperating as you wished.... but this is when we have to be patient & trust the process.

It may take a few weeks for children to feel comfortable and confident enough to join class. Even if they are only watching the first week, they are often observing and gaining the knowledge and confidence they need to know what to expect the next time. Remember, most of our seniors dancers & teachers started their dance journey this exact way!

Here are some good tips for you:

  • Before attending the class, talk to your little one about where they will be going & how much fun it's going to be. Get them excited & practice bravery to get them mentally ready to walk into the classroom.

  • On the day of the class - Don't pressure your little one to join the class. Of course, encourage them but only until they feel comfortable.

What happens if they don't want to join?

We take baby steps! The first big step would be to get them step into our studio room. During this time, they will see other little dancers walk in with confidence. If they are resisting then we would either ask you (the parent) to remove your shoes & sit down in the classroom or to stand by the door & observe. At this time, if your made it into the class your little one may be sitting beside you. If they are brave enough - get them to do the movements right beside you. There are certain exercises that may look so much fun that they may temporarily forget that they were scared. In a couple weeks, they will build the courage to walk in without you.

With a little bit of patience & positivity we know we can get your little star to feel comfortable. If we think they are not ready, we will let you know to try again in a couple of months or next season.

It's important to not miss any classes during this period!

Ultimately - we are here to build future stars no matter what these little dancers destine to be in the future. Dance build confidence, discipline, courage & soooo much more!

Wishing you & your little one an amazing first day of dance with us!

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