Dance Education & Professional Training for All Ages & Levels.



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LITTLE STARS (Ages 2.5 - 4 )

Little stars is a program for toddlers (Ages 2.5-4 years), an introduction to movement, music & basics of dance (Including Ballet, Hip Hop & more). Our Little Stars will have the opportunity to express & use their imagination all while having fun. 




Ballet is the foundation of all dance disciplines. It requires grace, precision & passion; while focusing on flexibility, musicality, strength & body consciousness. Ballet teaches discipline, improving our dancers day to day activity; including school work. Our classes focus on barre work, centre work & a beautiful dance that will be performed at the end of the year recital. 



Jazz is a form of dance that showcases dancers strength, power & personality. This dance style focuses on body isolations, improving performance quality  and developing complex rhythms and patterns. To excel in jazz, dancers need a strong background in ballet as it encourages grace & technique. Our classes will include a proper warm ups, stretches, across-the-floor combinations & an expressive dance routine. 



A high energy, popular dance style originated on the streets in the late 80’s. Dancers will learn fun combinations to popular & high-energy music. Our classes will also teach the fundamental movements of hip hop, including: breaking, popping, locking, house & more.



Acrobatics is a form of performing arts, involving balance, agility, concentration and coordination. Our classes will help develop the fundamental acrobatic technique including handstands, cartwheels, backbends, walkovers, balance & other cool tricks. The pace of the class is targeted at each students level of experience, we will slowly build their confidence & strength in order to safely execute the tricks.



An expressive dance style that combines elements of several dance genres including ballet & jazz. This class challenges dancers to be expressive & connect their mind and body to tell a story through their movement. Students will take the slow fluidity of ballet and combine it with the turns & leaps of jazz.