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More About Prompt Dance Academy

From professional dance training to high quality production videos & to recreational programs, Prompt Dance Academy does it all. Join our family and experience it for yourself. 



Our vision is to create a world where everyone can access the magic of dance in a revolutionized way. Dance builds character, confidence, discipline, along side many other amazing benefits for our younger generation. We want our dancers to have drive, motivation & exceptional skills to lead them to what ever path they dream to pursue. 


At Prompt Dance Academy, we strive to inspire our dancers through our service of dance, our industry level faculty & our revolutionized showcase experience. We know first hand, how important it is to start building a child’s discipline, leadership skills & confidence at a young age. No matter what dance style you choose, you will be able to take advantage of the amazing benefits of dance. Our leading instructors work hard to provide each individual dancer with the tools they need to succeed no matter what they dream to pursue. 

What is your revolutionized showcase experience?

We are so glad you asked! We provide all our dancers with the opportunity step into the life of a film/tv star. This opportunity is given to EVERY SINGLE dancer no matter the age or level. After putting in all the hard work & gaining new skills in our dance classes; our dancers get to showcase their talent on the BIG SCREEN at CINEPLEX THEATRES. Yes, that’s right! All of our dancers get the chance to work with a professional production company (J1 Productions), be on a professional set & get a little taste of the film industry. After the filming is complete, our team works their magic in creating a recital film that premieres during our one-of-a-kind red carpet event at Cineplex Theatres. Friends & families get invited to celebrate our dancers success during this event.

This experience provides added professionalism, confidence without having the fear of stage fright. This even gives them the chance to witness their own talent on the big screen, while sitting beside their biggest supporters. This helps our dancers visualize their talents & capabilities. 

Prompt Dance Academy first started with a vision to create a mentorship program for talented youth & to provide professional dance training. Throughout the years

this vision grew! We now welcome you to our official home; where we offer a variety of programs. From professional dance training to high quality productions videos, to recreational programs & more. Prompt Dance Academy does it all. 

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