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Full Policy



​At PROMPT ACADEMY we take pride in our positive vibes & energy! We want every class to be fun yet educational. Our studio is a safe place to learn, try new things & most of all BE YOU. We will challenge you to be better & we will help you achieve your goals; in return we expect all our dancers to be supportive & encouraging to all their peers. We do not tolerate any sort of bullying. Joining our family means being respectful to all our Prompt Academy members, teachers & staff.



I give permission for my son/daughter’s photographs/videos to be used for publicity and advertising in the studio, on the Prompt Academy's social media platforms, website, and in the community.


Dancers & Guests may not enter the facility if they are sick or have been in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19. Dancers & Guest must keep open communication with Prompt Academy regarding any medical/safety issues. In case of another lockdown - announced by the Ontario Government, all classes will resume online. There will be no refunds issued for this matter.


Any cancelled classes due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances will not be subject to a make up class or credit. Dancers who are unable to attend their scheduled class are able to schedule make-up classes with a different class that is offered in the current schedule that is at the same level as your registered class, if space permits. Parents will be responsible to communicate with the administration team in regards to scheduling a make-up class. Once the request has been made, the parents will receive a confirmation email if space permits in that selected class. 


We understand that sometimes we may not enjoy the ART OF DANCE as much as initially anticipated. For this reason we do offer 100% Money Back! This policy only applies if the dancer has attended a 2-3 classes or if our faculty/admin team advises that the dancer is not fully invested or ready. By registering - you are committing to a full season until June. Any withdrawals mid season will not be subject to a refund. Some exceptions do apply. Withdrawals should be communicated with the administrative team & will be handled accordingly.  


Late fees will automatically apply to any payment that is made past the payment deadline. To avoid late payment consequences, please speak to the administrative team regarding a personalized payment plan. The administration team will have full rights to decline a students participation in class, recital or any other projects, if payments have not been made. Recital costumes will also not be ordered if payments are not made by the deadline. This may also affect the dancers ability to participate.


  • Absolutely NO gum chewing, NO food, NO drinks other than water, NO cell phones are allowed in class.

  • Prompt is a PEANUT FREE Facility. We need your help to make Prompt a safe environment for everyone. 

  • If a dancer is being disruptive, they will be asked to sit out until they are ready to follow along with the class. 

  • Parents or guardians are not allowed in the dance studio when classes are taking place

  • Students must be on time & fully dressed before coming into class. 

  • Parents must notify the studio if they will be missing class or running late.

  • Please do not bring any valuable items, Prompt Academy is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
    (We have lockers in the change rooms, you make bring your own lock to store your items)

  • All lockers must be left empty & clean after use. No overnight storage allowed unless permission is granted.

  • No wearing jewellery in class (small stud earrings are acceptable)

  • Deodorant should be considered for ages 8+

  • Dance shoes should not be worn outside & no outside shoes are worn in class.

  • If students are not properly dress, they will be asked to observe the class.

  • Dancers/Parents must report any lost item to the front desk. Unclaimed items will be donated to charity. 

  • Dancers are expected to stay in the studio at all times, unless studio has been notified that their parent/guardian has granted permission.

  • Studio Director has the right to cancel or combine classes with notice.

  • Studio schedules may change or be revised prior the the start of each season. If for any reason schedules need to be changed mid season, the front desk will coordinate the changes with each family accordingly.

  • Refunds or credits are not provided for missed classes or cancellations due to extreme weather conditions.

  • For safety reasons, Prompt Academy is equipped with security cameras in all studios & entrance.

If for any reason a dancers or parents are having issues regarding any of this information, please contact the front desk or the director of Prompt Academy immediately & we will be sure to assist you.


By registering to Prompt Academy, you agree to our studio rules & policies.

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