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Dance Class for Toddlers

Welcome to our enchanting Parent & Me Toddler Ballet class, designed especially for little ones aged 18 months to 36 months! Our 40-minute class is a delightful introduction to the world of ballet, where tiny dancers and their parents can embark on a magical journey of movement, creativity, and bonding.

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What Your Little Dancer Will Learn:

  1. Basic Ballet Movements: Through imaginative play and gentle instruction, toddlers will learn fundamental ballet movements such as pliés, tendus, and adorable little arabesques. These movements enhance their coordination and balance, setting a strong foundation for future dance exploration.

  2. Creative Expression: We encourage creativity and self-expression, allowing your child to explore various movements, twirls, and jumps. Through creative dance games and music, toddlers will discover the joy of expressing themselves through movement.

  3. Social Skills: In our supportive and nurturing environment, toddlers will interact with other children, fostering essential social skills like sharing, taking turns, and cooperation. Parents will also have the opportunity to connect with other caregivers, creating a strong sense of community.

  4. Rhythm and Musicality: Toddlers will develop a sense of rhythm and musicality by moving to different tempos and styles of music. This musical exposure enhances their auditory skills and love for music.

  5. Confidence Building: Through positive reinforcement and encouragement, toddlers will gain confidence in their movements and abilities. Building confidence at an early age sets the stage for a lifelong positive self-image.

Why Join Our Parent & Me Toddler Ballet Class:

  1. Bonding Experience: This class is a special time for you and your little one to bond through movement and play. Sharing this experience strengthens the parent-child relationship and creates cherished memories.

  2. Early Development: Ballet enhances physical development by improving flexibility, strength, and coordination. Starting early provides a solid foundation for future physical activities and sports.

  3. Cognitive Growth: Ballet involves listening to instructions, following sequences, and understanding rhythm, promoting cognitive development in a fun and engaging way.

  4. Joyful Atmosphere: Our classes are filled with laughter, music, and creativity, creating a joyful atmosphere where toddlers can thrive and parents can enjoy watching their children explore and learn.

  5. Life Skills: Beyond dance, toddlers learn valuable life skills such as discipline, focus, and perseverance. These skills are introduced gently, laying the groundwork for future learning and achievements.




Only pay $25 to SIGN UP - Balance due after first class! 

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