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Making Dance Days Easier: A Parking Guide for Parents

Dear Prompt Dance Academy Family,

We know how important your child's dance experience is, and we're here to make it as smooth and convenient as possible. Whether you're a seasoned pro at our studio or a new face, there's something special we'd like to share with all of you.

For our seasoned parents, you're probably already familiar with our "Drop & Shop" recommendation, and you know how it can streamline your child's dance class experience. But for our newer parents, let us introduce you to this time-saving gem.

The "Drop & Shop" Option

We strongly encourage parents to consider the option of dropping off their child(ren), especially for our dancers aged 5 and older. We recommend the convenient "drop and shop" approach for a smoother experience.

With your child safely at their dance class, you have a little extra free time to run errands, enjoy a cup of coffee, or simply relax. Make the most of your downtime with a bit of "me" time or some retail therapy.

For our experienced parents, we're sure you already love the convenience of "Drop & Shop." It's a time-saver that eases the hustle and bustle of our studio's busy hours.

Parking Policy Reminder

And now, a quick reminder about our parking policy. To ensure a harmonious experience for all, kindly adhere to the following parking guidelines:

  • Park in our designated spots or areas without signage.

  • Avoid parking in front of "Flooring Liquidators" to prevent any potential inconveniences, as they have their own parking regulations.

Your cooperation goes a long way in maintaining a smooth flow during our busiest hours.

We understand that parking can sometimes be a challenge, especially during our prime hours on Saturdays, and we truly appreciate your understanding and support.

Whether you're a seasoned parent or a newbie at Prompt Dance Academy, we hope this information makes your dance journey even more enjoyable. We're here to make the experience as pleasant as possible, for you and your budding dancers.

Thank you for being part of our dance family.

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